Bidtellect saves 35 per cent on bidstream processing costs using BidSwitch

Programmatic infrastructure firm and wholly-owned subsidiary of IPONWEB, BidSwitch, has enabled demand-side platform (DSP) Bidtellect to reduce the hardware costs associated with processing and analyzing (listening to) bidstream data.

BidSwitch’s intelligent traffic routing system, SmartSwitch, saved Bidtellect 35% on these costs for one connected supply partner, and helped achieve a 2.7 times increase in auction win rate (meaning that they are almost three times as likely to win the programmatic advertising auction), ultimately improving performance.

Bidtellect is a buy-side platform that helps brand advertisers reach targeted audiences in contextually relevant environments at scale across the web. Its technology prioritises contextual relevance and sentiment and works in conjunction with audience creation, an approach that caters to the specific goals of each advertiser and enables brands to engage consumers at peak moments of intent. Bidtellect’s proprietary algorithms go beyond domain-level targeting, optimizing down to the ad placement level to ensure advertisers reach the right audience and achieve ROI.

Optimization conducted at the bid opportunity level requires listening to huge amounts of the programmatic bidstream, which is demanding from both the technological and hardware perspective, driving up costs while reducing the effectiveness of media spend.

Bidtellect turned to BidSwitch to manage some of its over 40 connections to SSP partners, leaning on BidSwitch’s SmartSwitch to filter out unwanted inventory, reducing the costs associated with listening to huge volumes of bidstream data and helping Bidtellect improve the overall bidding performance for their clients.

SmartSwitch provides buy-side partners with sophisticated and automated tools to filter out what they aren’t likely to buy, freeing up their listening capacity to only receive impression opportunities that they are likely to want. Bidtellect is able to extend the value derived from intelligent traffic management to its clients through more performative campaigns and efficient media.

John DeSantis, Portfolio Director BidSwitch