Codemasters drives UK Government ‘Hands, Face, Space’ health message with in-game ads from Bidstack

Game developer, Codemasters, has partnered with in-game advertising firm, Bidstack, and the UK Government to promote the ‘Hands, Face, Space’ health messaging in the popular game titles DiRT Rally 2.0™ and GRID®. The campaign is part of the Government’s efforts to get the essential messaging into more homes during the Christmas period.

The initiative is the second between Codemasters, Bidstack, and the Government, having partnered in April alongside other UK games companies to promote ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’. By using Bidstack’s in-game advertising platform, banners already in place within the virtual DiRT Rally 2.0 and GRID environments will carry Public Health England’s latest messaging with geo-targeted messaging for UK players.

In a year that has been challenging for many, we are proud to be delivering this important message to gamers on behalf of Codemasters and the Government. Reinforcing the message to the gaming community in a way that doesn’t intrude on their experience is a fantastic way to raise awareness.

James Draper, CEO, Bidstack