BICS doubles footprint in Japan for 2020 Tokyo Games

International communications company, BICS, has announced a major upgrade and expansion of its backbone in Japan. The move will increase capacity tenfold for roaming and IP-based services between APAC and the rest of the world, and support the huge expected spike in visitor numbers to the country for the 2020 Olympics.

The expansion includes the deployment of a second point-of-presence (PoP) in Tokyo, which connects to the local internet exchange points for BICS’ IP-based services. This will ensure reduced latency, improving end-to-end quality while directly connecting local customers to BICS’ global network infrastructure. The PoP deployment also minimises the cost for BICS’ customers by optimising connectivity within the region.

BICS has also extended its existing network infrastructure in the region with a new route from Hong Kong to Japan, and from Japan to LA, resulting in a tenfold increase in connectivity and significantly reducing latency.

Japan is one of several territories in Asia which is leading the deployment of 5G and growing its Internet of Things ecosystem. This development requires reliable, high-quality and low-latency connectivity, and services which can support large increase in the cellular traffic and number of devices. Expanding our backbone in the region was therefore an important step to meet future demands, especially in light of the number of visitors expected to travel to Japan next year for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Malcolm Chan, Asia Pacific MD, BICS