Bango partners with Spotify to offer streamed content to mobile users globally

Mobile commerce firm, Bango, has partnered with Spotify, to enable access to the popular audio streaming subscription service to mobile operators all over the world via bundled and fixed subscription plans or as a bolt-on.

Bango’s resale technology delivers a single solution that will enable Spotify to reach new customers, and ensures active customers enjoy seamless access to their services. In addition, Bango data insights supports targeting specific customers with new offers to generate higher customer adoption.

Resale distribution partners, such as communications companies, find these value-added bundles keep their customers loyal and attract new, higher value customers.

Bango is delighted that Spotify, the global leader in audio streaming subscription services, is now benefiting from intelligent Bango Resale technology to attract new customers. Bango is excited to support its goal to unlock the potential of human creativity by reaching out to more customers across the world.

Ray Anderson CEO Bango