Bango enables carrier billing subs for 5G gaming platform, Hatch

Mobile commerce company, Bango, has launched carrier billing payment services for Hatch, the monthly subscription-based 5G games streaming platform. Following an initial launch with a US mobile carrier, customers can now subscribe to Hatch Premium Gaming by paying with their monthly phone bill.

Hatch is a 5G gaming platform that streams top tier gaming titles to phones (without the need for local installs) removing limitations like available device storage.

The fast data exchange and increased bandwidth delivered by 5G enables sophisticated, multi-player games to be delivered at high quality and with real-time responses. A new generation of 5G enabled devices, which support massive data consumption, is being launched to provide the perfect combination for gamer heaven.

This partnership will benefit from Bango Boost, which applies Bango data insights technology to identify users who are most likely to be interested in subscription-based, 5G gaming. These insights help Hatch to target offers to users who are interested in paid gaming services.

More choice is now available to gamers as the restrictions of bandwidth and latency are lifted with 5G mobile networks. The Hatch platform offers a library of leading game titles that stream perfectly over 5G.

Jim Plimmer, SVP Payments Strategy at Bango