AppsFlyer launches Conversion Studio to enable single source mapping for SKAdNetwork post-install measurement

Marketing measurement and experience platform, AppsFlyer, has launched Conversion Studio, a hyper-flexible solution for conversion value measurement. Conversion Studio enables marketers to master conversion values by maximizing the lifetime value measurement for post-install activity simply and effectively within the limited capacity of the SKAN framework.

Conversion Studio provides marketers the ability to easily set their conversion value mapping with the flexibility to measure several metrics simultaneously. With visual cues that show the conversion value capacity and how each metric is measured, advertisers can easily fine-tune their mapping to make sure they’re making the most of virtually any post-install events, including metrics such as revenue, engagement, retention and conversion.

Once the conversion value mapping is housed in AppsFlyer, it can be easily shared with all the SKAN integrated partners, serving as a single-source-of-truth for SKAN measurement.

Conversion Studio key features:

-Split measurement metrics. Marketers can now customize their measurement, simultaneously measuring metrics that’s most important to them, such as revenue, in-app engagement, retention and more.

-Extend the post-install user activity timer to a 72 hour window. By extending the activity timer, marketers will be able to measure longer lifetime value. In addition, marketers have an additional option of knowing when a user was last active, which facilitates the measuring of critical aspects like retention and cohorts.

-Measure ranges within any specific metric. Defining flexible ranges within a specific metric enables marketers to be more efficient with the number of conversion values they implement.

-Measure funnels to optimize the full capacity of lifetime value. By choosing the funnel function in Conversion Studio, advertisers can efficiently measure sequential events by using fewer values, optimizing the amount of in-app events measured.

With Conversion Studio, we set out to help marketers with a challenge that has plagued them in the post iOS 14 era: the difficulty in understanding how valuable their acquired users are in the long run. By design, SKAN limits advertisers to a single conversion value, which only captures one aspect of the user’s post-install activity. With Conversion Studio, AppsFlyer is giving marketers the power to master SKAdNetwork conversions and take back control over SKAN post-install measurement with insight into the lifetime value of their users.

Roy Yanai, Head of Product, SKAdNetwork, AppsFlyer