AppsFlyer teams up with Intel to introduce The AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud

 Marketing measurement and experience platform, Appsflyer, is collaborating with Intel to build the AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud. The AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud allows multiple entities to safely bring their data together based on their own business logic, guidelines and privacy requirements while leveraging a privacy-preserving tech stack including Aggregated Advanced Privacy (AAP), Aggregated Conversion Modeling (ACM), Data Clean Rooms, privacy preserving cryptographic solutions, Predictive analytics, and others.

Intel will provide its hardware-enhanced crypto acceleration in Intel’s 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable platform to significantly speed up computation for the Privacy Cloud’s high-performance advanced homomorphic encryption (HE) applications.

AppsFlyer aims to provide a trusted open platform that enhances the end-user experience while preserving privacy when using any connected device, on any platform, app store, OS or browser. Within the Privacy Cloud, platforms, app stores, ad-networks, and app developers will be able to define their own Privacy Cloud Applications (PCA) based on their business logic, privacy guidelines and tech stack.

Homomorphic encryption (HE) is a powerful new technique for enabling computation and collaboration on private and sensitive data through end-to-end encryption. It is an emerging form of encryption allowing private data processing without the need to decrypt the data, offering developers and brands a way to collaborate and gain insights across organizations, without compromising their end user privacy.

This is a long-term ecosystem collaboration AppsFlyer and Intel will be investing in, and once it becomes widely available, AppsFlyer will be able to migrate parts of the Privacy Cloud Data Clean Rooms to a zero-trust cryptography solution, while preserving backward compatibility interfaces.

The AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud is a natural next step of our current offering and our long-term vision. AppsFlyer’s unique positioning means that we have a responsibility to carry out during these major ecosystem shifts. Cryptographic solutions such as HE could be a huge step forward for privacy-led measurement, revolutionizing how brands gain insights. We’re thrilled to be working with Intel on this technology to make it a reality for our customers, and the entire ecosystem.

Oren Kaniel, CEO and Co-Founder, AppsFlyer