Google Play is turning 10, here are the apps that have helped it own 70% of the market

Next week marks the tenth birthday of Google Play, the app store that is now responsible for over two-thirds of global app downloads. To mark the occasion, app analytics firm, App Annie, has mined its data to look at what have been the most downloaded apps in the UK since Google Play launched in October 2008.

  • 70% of the world’s apps are downloaded from the Google Play app store.
  • There have been 330 billion apps downloaded from Google Play*, almost double the 170 billion downloaded from the Apple App Store.
  • Conversely, over £85 billion has been spent in Google Play*, which is only 65% the $130 billion spent on the App Store.
  • The average UK Android user has 93 apps installed, but uses only 36 of them monthly.
  • The most downloaded app on Android is WhatsApp
  • Tinder is the top Android app in the UK by consumer spend, despite only coming onto the platform in 2012
  • Candy Crush Saga is the most downloaded app and responsible for the highest consumer spend on the platform
  • In the UK, 310 apps have generated over $1 million in consumer spend on Google Play*

*since 2012

Keep talking

The top ten all time downloaded apps in the UK is dominated by social media and messaging services. WhatsApp is at number one, followed by Facebook messenger, Facebook, Skype and Instagram. Retail behemoths eBay and Amazon come in at number seven and nine respectively.

Looking for love

The top apps in the UK by all time consumer spend is a very different story. Dating app Tinder is at number one, streaming giant Netflix is at two and an antivirus app from Avast is at three. With an increased focus on health and wellbeing in recent times, self-meditation app Headspace is at seven.

Sweet like candy

Candy Crush Saga is the most downloaded game over the past ten years, followed by Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2. Interestingly, Angry Birds came in at number six, despite originally only being available on iOS. When the list is adjusted for all time consumer spend, whilst Candy Crush Saga remains in number one spot, Clash of Clans becomes number two and Pokemon GO number three.



Google Play is closely linked with Android. Outside of China, it’s the primary app store for Android devices. And there’s a huge variety of Android devices, including a great number that are very affordable. Because of this, the market share of Android devices is notably higher than for Apple devices — which tend to be at the high end of the market. The sheer number of Android devices, and the integration of Google Play on those devices (outside of China) has led to incredible success for Google.

Bertrand Salord, VP Marketing, App Annie