Case study: Healthcare app, Ada, acquires half a million users in Brazil with App Annie

Global healthcare app, Ada, is on a mission to help people actively manage their health and support medical professionals to deliver effective care.

The companion app combines artificial intelligence (AI) with global medical knowledge and is #1 for medical app downloads in over 140 countries across both the App Store and the Google Play Store, with more than 15 million health assessments since launch in 2016.


The company wanted to continue its global expansion, specifically into Brazil, due to the company’s recent launch of the app in Portuguese. To achieve this, the Marketing Department needed an expansive understanding of how the mobile medical and healthcare market is evolving; analysis of the competitive landscape; and a comprehensive, global view of the markets providing opportunities for growth.

The marketing department also needed a scalable structure with agile teams and cross-functional chapters, and a rigorous data-driven approach using tools such as App Annie.

Half the world’s population already lacks access to essential healthcare services, and there’s a projected shortage of 18 million healthcare workers by 2030. For many people, Ada may be the only accessible credible source of health information. As the ‘traditional’ healthcare sector continues to evolve, it is vital that we are able to remain on top of trends within the digital healthcare sector (in particular medical and health apps) to see where we can add new value.

Marvin Rottenberg, Vice President of Marketing, Ada


Ada acquired over 500,000 users in Brazil within two months (July 1 to August 31, 2019). It is currently the fastest-growing medical app in Brazil on Google Play, according to market share by downloads. Ada also managed to increase its share of downloads among medical apps in Brazil to nearly 13% (June 26 to August 25, 2019) up from 0.1% during the 30 days preceding the release of the new update (May 27 to June 25, 2019).

The App Annie data helped Ada gain insights such as market trends and new market launches, and also keep abreast of feature updates. Additionally, the integration of App Annie data into other internal business intelligence tools have enabled the company to measure its growth against other market players and track industry developments.

App Annie has enabled Ada to better understand its users. Using App Annie to analyse user ratings and reviews has helped Ada learn and quickly adapt the product to local markets. The app achieved an average 4.8-star rating within the first eight weeks of launching in Brazil.

The App Annie platform allows us to analyse other companies and the overall market in which we operate. This empowers us, and our stakeholders, to make informed decisions and validate market assumptions, ensuring we are always on top of market trends.

Marvin Rottenberg, Vice President of Marketing, Ada