App Annie hits $100 million revenue milestone, launches mobile web intelligence analytics

This year, consumers are projected to spend $120 billion globally on mobile apps. As mobile has become the primary channel to acquire and engage consumers, demand for App Annie data and analytics has pushed the company’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) past $100 million (40% from the Americas, 40% from Asia and 20% from Europe).

The company has also today launched a mobile web analytics platform, Mobile Web Intelligence, combining market intelligence for both mobile app and web performance. An industry first, the new platform has been developed to provide a unique view into the customer journey including:

  • 360 degree insights of mobile web and app usage
  • Benchmark performance of time spent, sessions and traffic (referral, outbound, and browser)
  • International coverage spanning Asia, North America and Europe
  • A unified platform that simplifies data analysis

The unification of mobile web and app metrics offer comprehensive insights to enable mobile transformation and deliver winning experiences.

Aaron Mahimainathan, chief product officer, App Annie