App Annie: Consumer spend on apps surpassed $22bn in Q1

Global iOS and Google Play consumer spend surpassed $22 billion in Q1 2019 — the most lucrative quarter ever, up 20% year over year – according to the latest Insights Report from app analytics firm, App Annie. Globally, 30 billion combined app downloads were completed making Q1 2019 the largest quarter ever, up 10% year over year.

  • Google Play downloads grew 10% year over year — fuelled largely by continued growth in emerging markets and in Auto & Vehicles and Entertainment apps.
  • Entertainment and Games continue to be two of the largest contributors: In 2019, one of every 10 minutes consuming content — whether on TV or internet — will be streaming video on mobile.
  • Mobile gaming is set to hit 60% market share of consumer spend in 2019 among all gaming including PC/Mac, handheld and home consoles.
  • Both app stores saw their most lucrative quarter to date, surpassing 2018’s holiday season. iOS consumer spend grew 20% year over year, topping $14 billion, a 2x lead over Google Play which still grew 25% year over year in terms of spend.
  • Tinder hit number 1 for global quarterly consumer spend on non-gaming apps for the first quarter ever.

Google and Apple both made announcements to expand further into the mobile gaming market with Google’s Stadia Cloud gaming service and Apple Arcade subscription service. Apple also announced plans to launch Apple TV+, its foray into the video streaming arena as well as Apple Card, its new branded credit card, marking moves from both tech giant’s into services and content with mobile as the primary delivery channel.

When we look at the key shifts in app store trends over the last quarter, it’s clear that we’ve reached the era of services and content, and moved far away from utility-based apps leading the market. The bottom line: it’s all about services and content, and the tech giants are making mobile the centrepiece of their growth strategies. A clear example is Apple’s strategic move into subscription industries. Rent-it-now is the new Have-it-now generation driving a $122B app economy.

Paul Barnes, MD EMEA, App Annie