Anzu partners with Eskimi to offer in-game programmatic ads

In-game advertising platform, has partnered with programmatic and data platform Eskimi, to give brands more access to the exploding gaming market via in-game ads. According to DFC Intelligence, the gaming audience has reached over 3.1 billion players worldwide,  while gaming analytics firm Newzoo puts its value at $175 billion. This live partnership through OpenRTB integration offers brands the opportunity to programmatically reach the incredibly diverse, engaged, and lucrative gaming audience via display and video ads across mobile, PC, and console platforms.

Anzu serves fully blended in-game ads in recognized IAB standards, making the platform fully aligned with the programmatic standards and bringing scale to in-game advertising. Fully GDPR, COPPA and privacy compliant, its SDK technology – integrated into games – delivers high-quality direct traffic with full control over ad placements and first-party data that enables advanced targeting.

In addition, partnerships with leading third-party AdTech vendors such as Moat and Nielsen guarantee fraud-free, brand-safe environments and brand impact measurement. According to the firm, Anzu’s blended 3D ads deliver 23% higher viewability than typical 2D display ads, feature ad fraud rates way below industry standards, and demonstrate considerable brand uplift and recall.

Anzu’s blended ads enhance games’ realism and transform game objects into valuable advertising opportunities, all while respecting gamers by not disrupting the gaming experience — crucial for game developers and brands alike. We are pleased to partner with Eskimi to reach even more advertisers across hot gaming geographies who are excited about the potential of in-game advertising.

Yaniv Rozencweig, Director of Business Operations, Anzu