Anzu partners with Bidease to bring in-game ad formats to more brands

Demand-side platform for mobile marketers, Bidease, has partnered with in-game advertising platform enabling the company to scale up its advertising capabilities in the mobile gaming market and offer its wide advertiser network non-intrusive cost-effective in-game ad formats.

As part of the partnership, advertisers working with Bidease will be able to use Anzu’s blended in-game banner and video ad formats to reach their consumers across mobiles in an entirely new way. In addition, advertisers will have access to Anzu’s premium mobile inventory, including titles by Vivid Games and Next Wave Multimedia.

The gaming industry is growing exponentially and becoming extremely attractive to brands. More and more advertisers are following their consumers and moving into the virtual worlds, in the hope to get the most out of the gaming media channel.

According to Newzoo, mobile accounts for 49% of global video game market revenues. With approximately $86.3 billion of revenue in 2020, it is the largest gaming segment by revenue and growth. With 2.2 billion people playing games on their mobile phones in 2020, advertisers have a unique and largely untapped opportunity to connect with 28% of the world’s population in a way that can help them build long-lasting valuable relationships and boost brand affinity.

After the COVID-induced gaming explosion, more and more advertisers are recognizing the power and potential of gaming as a media channel. Anzu is happy to take on the role of guide into the world of gaming, ensuring advertisers connect with gamers in an authentic fully-blended way and make their ad spend worthwhile. We are pleased to partner with Bidease and offer our exclusive inventory to its advertiser network while at the same time growing our presence in the market.

Natalia Vasilyeva, VP Marketing at Anzu