Anzu and HUMAN partner to safeguard in-game advertising

In-game advertising platform, Anzu, and HUMAN Security have partnered to safeguard ads by detecting invalid traffic (IVT), general invalid traffic (GIVT), and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) among Anzu’s programmatic gaming inventory.

Losses due to ad fraud are expected to continue to cost the industry billions of dollars each year, and sophisticated bots pose a significantly increasing threat to the gaming world. By leveraging HUMAN’s pre-bid and post-bid solutions, MediaGuard, Anzu ensures that campaigns run across its inventory retain low fraud levels.

At this stage, IVT is less likely within in-game advertising environments than other advertising channels, and this new partnership will help safeguard the space to keep it that way. The initial data protected by HUMAN showed that out of 23.5M events, Anzu’s IVT averaged out at 0.16% on mobile and 0.47% on PC – well inside safe thresholds.

We’re committed to making advertising in games better and putting ad quality at the heart of everything we do, bringing digital standards in-game and partnering with the industry leaders that advertisers know and trust. We continue to partner with the world’s brand safety, transparency, measurement, and data privacy leaders to ensure our clients can measure media value across channels and build their media strategy accordingly. This new partnership with HUMAN will take our commitment to create a brand-safe, fraud-free ecosystem to the next level.

Itamar Benedy, Co-Founder and CEO, Anzu