Airship adds new visualisation tools to Airship Journeys

Customer engagement firm, Airship, has released new visualizations as part of its Airship Journeys visual interface, that, it says, make managing in-the-moment cross-channel customer experiences dramatically simpler and more effective for marketers.

The visualizations allow marketers to quickly zero in on underperforming campaigns with high-level views of performance and journey relationships and modify messages to improve performance or connect journeys to advance other marketing goals. Airship Journeys simplifies all aspects of cross-channel customer engagement. Journey setup is guided and based on goals marketers want people to achieve. Messages can be composed once and sent through any channel including mobile apps, websites, SMS, email and emerging channels like RCS.

Settings for message delivery, audience selection and channel orchestration automatically adjust to real-time customer behaviour. Campaign performance metrics are overlaid on each Airship Journeys view and every underlying message with Performance Analytics, enabling marketers to create, evaluate, modify cross-channel journeys in one visual UI.

Airship’s own customer research found that today’s drag-and-drop journey tools generate convoluted diagrams with sprawling branches that are difficult to create and nearly impossible to understand, analyze and modify.

In contrast, Airship Journeys takes advantage of the Customer Engagement Platform’s real-time data, personalization, intelligent channel orchestration and predictive machine learning, and configures these as settings, not complex branches. The result is journeys and messages that are easy for anyone in the company to understand, evaluate and modify for improved campaign outcomes and better customer experiences.

We’ve driven massive success with Airship including a 98% success rate encouraging app users to upgrade to the latest version and an abandoned order conversion rate of close to 30%, and Airship Journeys makes it even easier for our team to drive valuable engagement across channels — from welcome flows to purchase paths and more. Airship Journeys makes it simple for anyone on our team to understand our various journeys, how they are connected and how well they are performing, which streamlines our productivity in creating exceptional customer experiences.

Chris Hansen, Senior Director, Digital, TGI Fridays

With our initial release of Airship Journeys, we completely changed the game for marketers to reach customers in moments that matter, simplifying the complexity of cross-channel customer engagement. Now with the latest release of Airship Journeys, we’re making it easier than ever for marketers to ensure their campaigns will achieve their specific business objectives and provide amazing experiences to their customers.

Brett Caine, CEO and president, Airship