Adverty partners with Azerion to grow in-game programmatic reach

In-game advertising platform, Adverty, has partnered with Azerion’s premium ad platform (Improve Digital), to increase its programmatic reach in the, increasingly effective, world of gaming.

The partnership with Azerion and its platform integration with Improve Digital will allow buy-side clients to access Adverty’s In-Play™ and In-Menu™ ad formats in mobile games. Forthcoming in-game ad campaigns already includes brands such
as Calvin Klein, which will launch in full during October 2021.

Azerion already has a strong foothold in the gaming industry, with 16,700 game titles attracting in excess of 1.5bn content views per month while Adverty has been busy building partnerships on the supply-side with TapNation, Mamboo Games, Lucky Kat Studios, Goldtown Games and Playducky.

This development enables our team to bring Adverty’s seamless in-game inventory to a wider range of brands and agencies. Azerion has rightly been focused on gaming at a time when advertisers are waking up to the untapped potential of this burgeoning media channel.

Tobias Knutsson, CEO of Adverty