Adnami partners with Omnicom Media Group in Sweden

Programmatic advertising firm, Adnami, has partnered with Omnicom Media Group in Sweden, to optimise the delivery of ads in the region. Its solution makes it easier and more cost-effective for media companies and advertisers to transact high-impact ads at scale through programmatic platforms.

Launched in 2017, and with offices in Copenhagen and Stockholm, Adnami recently expanded into London, and this growth will be followed by other European markets in 2021, following a recent seven-figure sum of investment. Adnami’s team partners with a range of publishers, media companies, agencies and advertisers. As it launches in some of the biggest advertising markets in Europe, it will offer clients greater value, transparency and control of ad campaigns, and enable maximum creative effectiveness.

The team at Adnami is looking forward to working together with the team at OMG to make high impact formats accessible within the programmatic environment in Sweden. As agencies and advertisers move towards more consolidated buying programmatically, we can help by offering our impactful formats agnostically through buying platforms, enabling advertisers to focus their efforts on the critical factors of context, creativity and interactivity.

Simon Kvist Gaulshøj, CEO of Adnami