Luna Labs and Adjust partner to optimize playable ads in mobile games

Luna Labs and Adjust have partnered to build an industry-first integration that enables mobile game studios and developers of any size to create dynamic playable ads, which now self-optimize for installs.

When studios enable the integration in their Adjust dashboard, they receive install-level data unique to their Luna creatives. Bridging the gap between creativity and performance, they can then use these insights to identify the key drivers in their creatives and make more informed data-driven decisions — all while ensuring compliance with even the strictest data privacy measures.

Andrey Kazakov, VP Partnerships at Adjus said: “With mobile game engagement at all-time highs, it is more important than ever for creatives to be hyper-personalized, and together we will provide the level of detailed insights needed to create these game-changing experiences.”

MadBox is one of the first studios to use the new tools.  Thibault Quillard, Head of Growth at MadBox, commented: “With the new Luna and Adjust API integration, our team can get an even deeper level of performance insights that are unique to our Luna creatives – making it much easier and convenient to optimize our playable ads, let alone understanding them.”