Adjust report highlights the influence of international shopping holidays on retail

 Adjust, has revealed the results of its Black Friday and Singles’ Day E-commerce Report, analysing the impact of the world’s biggest shopping days. The study shows that not only are consumers shopping and spending more on mobile during these shopping holidays – but they are doing so in more countries outside of their traditional strongholds, the US and China, creating a greenfield opportunity for brands and app marketers to engage consumers and drive revenue globally.

Singles’ Day – a catalyst for mobile app downloads and mobile purchases
  • Singles’ Day (11/11) has become the largest shopping day in the world, generating $30.8 billion in sales this year, more than the five-day U.S. holiday buying spree running from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, combined.
  • On November 11, 2017, 90% of shopping transactions were done via a mobile device
  • Countries in Southeast Asia saw between a 47-149% increase in app installs that day, and a 53% increase in sessions compared to the rest of the Q4 timeframe.
Black Friday triggers big mobile shopping transactions in Europe
  • Black Friday generated approximately $14 billion in online sales over the course of four days in 2017, and its impact has spread beyond borders too.
  • In Europe, Black Friday shopping reached 143% more revenue spent via mobile versus average during the fourth quarter of 2017.
  • Germany saw the biggest spike, at 176%, with Italy also embracing the traditional U.S. shopping day at 139%.
The Sleeper hit: 12/12

The sequel to China’s Singles’ Day, 12/12, invented to highlight smaller and medium-sized brands, is extending its influence across Asia. For example, Indonesia is seeing almost 200% more installs on 12/12, as well as 136% more sessions. This makes the shopping day a great opportunity for app marketers and retargeting campaigns.