Adjust joins Adobe Exchange partner programme

App marketing platform, Adjust, now has a premier-level partnership and technology integration with Adobe, as part of the Adobe Exchange partner programme. By combining mobile app data with data collected from additional touchpoints, clients will be able to build a more complete view of the user journey across all channels — augmenting their customer experience stack analytics. This will empower them to make more informed, targeted marketing decisions to maximize ROI and improve business outcomes.

The company’s new collaboration with Adobe Experience Cloud, encompassing solutions for marketing, analytics, advertising and e-commerce, will extend its current capabilities, offering a direct, seamless and secure data integration between the two platforms.

The benefits for marketers include Adjust’s offering of mobile measurement/attribution, fraud prevention and reporting solutions in one platform, helping brands to:

  • Measure and analyze where their app users are coming from, and how they interact with their app once it’s installed. Adjust’s newest product, Subscription Tracking, is the first in the market to tackle the challenges of subscription attribution.
  • Make analytics actionable by automating campaign workflows.
  • Protect marketing budgets against mobile performance ad fraud, and protect apps from bots.

As customer activity shifts along with the pandemic, advertisers are facing greater challenges connecting mobile marketing spend to app revenue and customer lifetime value.  Adobe is delighted to have Adjust as a premier partner, giving advertisers the capability to see mobile data across all available channels, automate campaign reporting and protect ad dollars from fraudsters in one place.

Cody Crnkovich, Adobe Experience Cloud