AdInMo partners with Lemma to connect DOOH advertisers with mobile gaming audiences

InGamePlay advertising platform, AdInMo, has partnered with programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) network Lemma.

The integration of the two platforms extends the reach of Lemma’s international network of DOOH screens into mobile games, creating a new ad category through which Lemma’s brand advertiser clients can programmatically target premium gaming audiences across all game genres via AdInMos in-game ad units.

The deal will further increase demand for AdInMo’s rapidly growing InGamePlay™ inventory, particularly in key mobile gaming market Asia by leveraging Lemma’s well-established footprint in the region.

InGamePlay brand ads blend seamlessly with the gameplay and enable advertisers to target diverse audiences with an authentic brand experience. AdInMo’s placements typically achieve 3X higher brand recall rates than other in-game formats delivering significant brand uplift with a campaign seen on average 20-30 times during a single gameplay session.

Marketers today are excessively focused on winning audience attention and in this regard are developing strategies that enable them to be present at multiple crucial touchpoints through a single platform. Our partnership with AdInMo is an attempt to offer advertisers easy access to multi-screen audiences across DOOH as well as the mobile ad realm. Converting passive consumers to active engagers is a key part of DOOH and AdInMo delivers an engaged mobile gaming audience.

Gulab Patil, Founder and CEO, Lemma