Adform launches Adform Academy to train and certify customers

European adtech company, Adform, has launched Adform Academy, a free and fast training and certification programme designed to support customers’ processes and work, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The online sessions and training materials are designed to allow companies that use Adform’s Integrated Advertising Platform (IAP) to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.  The Academy replaces the previous GetCertified programme.

Within the Academy are two new training paths: DSP Fundamentals and Ad Serving Fundamentals. For companies looking to obtain certification, they must achieve different levels, for example, “Platform Essentials”. Each course can be followed individually, according to the learner’s needs. Adform says it plans to add more insights and levels of training, such as a partnership course, which will be made available later in the year.

Each stand-alone video lesson provides an articulated programme that can be followed comfortably according to the needs of each participant. Once a learner passes all the tests, they receive a certificate that can be shared on social networks, for example through LinkedIn.

The video lectures for DSP Fundamentals include a variety of topics such as brand safety and reducing ad fraud in conjunction with Adform tools. Additional topics include targeting and frequency capping cross-device, tips on how better to use the features to segment the target in the DSP, and effectively manage inventory selection and private deals. Adform Academy also provides a tool to deepen the understanding of algorithms that automate the optimisation of programmatic campaigns.

The Ad Serving Fundamentals certification allows learners to develop and create more effective and efficient campaign management. The course provides lessons to better understand the Ad Server hierarchy of Adform, through customisations and changes for each advertising project.

The workflow and controls to implement during the management of a campaign are also explored, as well as learning how to manage, upload and apply creativity in campaigns. Additionally, there is advice on improving the execution of creative optimisation strategies, thanks to a full immersion in Adform’s Standard Reports.

Providing our clients with a training and certification programme such as the Adform Academy is a very important achievement for Adform. Our courses are designed to amplify the knowledge of our tools and help brands develop truly successful programmatic campaigns, while improving internal processes and overall management. Transferring skills that help add value and help improve our customers’ return on investment is a key element in this critical time.

Philip Acton, Country Manager UK & Benelux, Adform