5GAA and IMT-2020 to test 5G vehicle connectivity on the streets of Shanghai

As countries begin to roll out 5G,  attention is naturally narrowing to what this evolution means for industry but also everyday lives. The essence of 5G is that it makes better use of the radio spectrum than previous generations.

In this context, Chinese members of the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) in partnership with the IMT-2020 Promotion Group will conduct a live interoperability showcase of the latest Cellular-V2X connected driving technology on the busy streets of Shanghai (22-24 October).

In total, 50 demonstration teams will be on hand to demonstrate the efficiency of the end-to-end ‘vehicle-to-everything’ (V2X) standard stack (protocols) and the reliability of security solutions.

5GAA is uniquely placed to support IMT-2020 developments, as it unites all major cross-sector players (automotive, chipset, technology, telecom-mobile infrastructure and operators) in this field including founding members AUDI AG, BMW Group, Daimler, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Nokia, and Qualcomm.

In less than three years, more than 130 companies worldwide have signed up to 5GAA’s mission of helping define and develop the next generation of connected mobility and automated vehicle solutions.

This real-world showcase is all about interoperability between vendors and proving the end-to-end security chain, paving the way for further 5G developments not only in automotive, but also in all sectors relying on fast, secure and seamless connectivity between objects making up the burgeoning ‘internet of things’ (IoT). 5GAA is very proud to be part of this stepstone towards full deployment of C-V2X in China in 2020.

Maxime Flament, CTO, 5GAA