Revolut switches on donate button for WWF and The Rainforest Alliance

Revolut is working with WWF and The Rainforest Alliance on an emergency appeal to support those on the front line dealing with the devastation caused to the Amazon rainforest. Revolut customers will be able to donate via the in-app Donations feature, which allows users to round up their card payments and donate the difference to charity. Customers can also donate by setting up a recurring payment or making one-off donations.

All donations to The Rainforest Alliance made through Revolut will be directed towards efforts in the Amazon, and for the next week, all donations to WWF will be treated likewise, funding a range of important causes aimed at protecting our rainforests.

One hundred percent of the amount donated by customers goes to each charity, with Revolut charging no fees to donate to their preferred charity. There is no minimum donation amount and the feature can be turned on and off by customers at any time.

The rainforests are one of the world’s most important ecosystems, so it is devastating to witness the fires currently destroying vast areas of the Amazon. Through our work with WWF and The Rainforest Alliance, we want to help people donate easily and support efforts to tackle the fires, offer emergency relief and protect our rainforests.

Nik Storonsky, CEO and Founder at Revolut

The fires raging through the Amazon are an urgent global issue because we can’t fight the climate crisis without stopping the destruction of our forests. We’d like to thank Revolut for supporting our emergency appeal and giving their customers an easy way to help.

Rob Wood, Head of Partnership Communications at WWF-UK

Through its 30-year history, the Rainforest Alliance has focused on preventing deforestation at the nexus of agriculture and business. Forests, better agricultural practices, and holistic land management are a crucial component to reducing the effects of climate change. While that certainly means changing land management practices to be more environmentally sustainable, it also must entail a change in how farmers are remunerated for their hard work, the way companies source their ingredients, and what we consume. We need holistic, long-term change.

Han de Groot, CEO at Rainforest Alliance