Nearly half find discovering and buying products on mobile frustrating

Marketing personalisation firm, Qubit, has analysed 1.2 billion e-commerce journeys across its platform. Despite mobile being the number one place that consumers engage with brands, correlating that engagement with online sales has traditionally been a problem.

According to the report, product discovery, and not the intricacy and friction associated with payment on mobile, has become the primary challenge.

• 48% of consumers say that they find buying and discovering products from mobile sites is frustrating, yet mobile accounts for double the traffic of laptop and desktop computers
• Improvement in mobile product discovery has a halo effect on other commerce channels showing a mean observable impact of 19 % on all digital sales.
• Mobile-influenced sales increased 93% in 2017, compared to 2016, with some retailers receiving as many as one in three computer transactions as a result of mobile browsing.
• A focus on mobile product discovery can impact digital sales by up to 33%

Mobile is clearly providing a halo effect on multiple channels so retailers need to look at this in the context of how people discover a product catalog. We’re making significant investments in AI-powered product discovery for mobile because we see real uplift opportunity across a fragmented shopping journey that’s only connected through a mobile device.

Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit

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