In-store mobile POS use increases sales by 146%

According to a new report from mobile services firm Stratix, retailers deploying in-store mobile effectively are projected to have an increase of 146% in sales growth in 2018.

  • Retailers who deployed mobile POS saw a 24% average increase in sales in 2017, over retailers who don’t implement mobility in-store.
  • Retailers that were experiencing flat or declining growth – who reported deploying in-store mobile POS – saw a 100% increase in sales for 2017, and predict another 47% growth
  • The survey also reveals many other retailers face significant challenges implementing this technology, with five common setbacks repeatedly mentioned, including:
    • 75% of retailers reported not having the proper applications in place
    • 60% noted lack of adequately trained staff in-store
    • 59% of participants cited the scarcity of internal help desk support
    • 47% surveyed stated a shortage of acceptable payment options
    • 45% point out managing mobile security is complicated and demanding

As the use cases and complexities for mobile has grown exponentially over the last ten years, we see that most retail customers are seeking help with staff and support challenges.

Gina Gallo, Stratix President and CEO

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