Fraudsters are swindling mobile app marketers to the tune of $800m per quarter

Fraud targeting mobile app marketers is evolving faster than ever according to research by AppsFlyer. Bots or malicious code that mimics legitimate click, install and in-app activity swindled $700-800 million out of the app market in Q1 2018 –  a 30% jump from the 2017 average.

  • The portion of fake installs grew by 15% to affect 11.5% of all marketing-driven installs
  • Shopping apps, which have high cost per install (CPI) rates were targeted with the most fraudulent activity, costing the e-commerce industry $275 million in Q1 2018.
  • Spoof installs also affected apps in gaming ($103 million), finance ($90 million), travel ($65 million) and food & drink ($63 million) categories.
  • In February, bots replaced device farms as the most popular form of fake app activity and were responsible for more than 30% of fraudulent installs.

When it comes to mobile fraud, no advertiser, app exchange or network is immune. This includes the largest, most trusted suppliers. Everyone in the industry is dealing with click spam, hyperactive devices and other forms of fraud.

Phil Crosby chief product officer, Lift Off.

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