AI is driving new era of retail hyper-relevance, but trust remains an issue

UK consumers are locked in a vicious circle with brands over customer experience, according to new research from Accenture. While 47% are frustrated when companies fail to deliver relevant, personalised shopping experiences, nearly half (48%) are concerned about personal data privacy.

  • Poor personalisation and lack of trust cost UK organisations £77 billion last year, as 38% of consumers switched companies. Without deeper customer insight, companies cannot deliver the experiences they crave.
  • 37% of UK consumers are more likely to shop with companies that always personalise experiences, as long as their trust isn’t compromised.
  • 27% say they would find great value in services that intuitively learn about their needs over time to better customise product, service or content recommendations.

Those that succeed will hit a ‘sweet spot’ whereby UK customers will be willing to share more personal insights into their world in return for greater value and the confidence that their data is protected.

Rachel Barton, Advanced Customer Strategy EALA lead, Accenture Strategy

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