42% of brand websites are still not GDPR compliant

Two thirds of UK marketers see GDPR as a strategic opportunity, yet 42% of brand websites are still not compliant according to a research report by Ensighten. And just 28% of marketers expect their websites to be compliant by the May 25th deadline next year (even though hefty fines are on the table).

  • Marketers cited managing multiple suppliers (31%), marketing complexity (31%) and understanding vendor compliance issues (25%) as the main roadblocks to preparing for GDPR.
  • 75% of marketers believe GDPR will modernise their approach to customer interaction and engagement, with 68% stating the regulation will help them better harness big data.
  • Alarmingly, one in four marketing professionals don’t regard payment details, phone numbers or addresses as personal data. Furthermore, 22% of marketers don’t consider email addresses as personal data.

As GDPR forces brands to re-approach how they interact with consumers, it will create a whole new meaning to the idea of the value exchange, ushering in an era of transparency that will change our industry for the better.

Ian Woolley, Chief Revenue Officer at Ensighten

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